INVISIBLE CURRICULUM - Produced in association with RUNRUNFILMS

In the aftermath of the global economic crisis, many young people found themselves faced with grim prospects for starting their professional lives. Today, the International Labour Organization calls for action to tackle "a global employment crisis" and experts warn that youth unemployment is creating a lost generation. Invisible Curriculum has interviewed young people in different countries over the past three years and shares the story of a generation caught in the middle of a crisis they didn’t create but will shape the trajectory of their lives to come.

91%: A FILM ABOUT GUNS IN AMERICA - Directed by John Richie / Cinematographer: Ian Spencer Cook

In the documentary 91%, a handful of U.S. gun violence victims tell their heartbreaking stories of loss, pain, and a heroic search for hope in a nation stalled in a senseless gun control debate. Throughout these otherwise unrelated shootings, we find a common thread – the gunmen had all-too-easy access to the virtually untraceable, high-powered weaponry used in their attacks. By highlighting the impact of unregulated gun sales on schools, families, and communities across the country, 91% addresses the real problems and possible solutions to gun violence in America.

CORNER PLOT - Produced in association with DAHLMAN COOK PRODUCTIONS

Amid the tangle of commuter traffic, shopping malls and office buildings that define life inside the beltway rests a one-acre piece of farmland under the care of 89-year-old Charlie Koiner. With the help of his only daughter, Charlie continues to work his land, share his produce, and enjoy the farm life he's always known. Corner Plot explores one man's steadfast authenticity in a changing world.


The story of Washington DC resident Tom Murphy – a homeless, hustling chess savant driven to beat his addiction, get off the streets, and come into his own as a world class chess player.