NOTE: These videos are filmed in 360-degree (virtual reality) and best viewed in Google Chrome or the Youtube app.

If viewing on a computer, use the arrows at the top left to move the image, if viewing on a phone or tablet, simply move the device to see more of the image.


Director: Juliane Piecha

360VOICES: 2016 ELECTION is a collection of 360 (VR) conversations with families, faith groups, colleagues and friends from across the political spectrum filmed during the 2016 election. 


Listening is fundamental to democracy, and the first step towards finding common ground. 

This project places viewers in the homes of people across the political spectrum, each sharing their perspective 

At the height of the 2016 election in Ohio, we sat down with voters with varied backgrounds, ideologies, and political leanings. These conversations, filmed in 360 (VR), offer an opportunity to sit in living rooms, kitchens, and classrooms with people across the political spectrum and listen to new perspectives on the direction of the nation. 

The speculation on what the United States will become on January 20th is soon to be a reality, and with it comes the sobering fact that this divided nation has little faith in its elected official and its fellow citizens. The post-election coverage has been filled with calls for bridging the divide, for individuals to start the conversations that will offer perspective on the lives and opinions of people with different backgrounds, ideologies, and political leanings than their own. 

This project, 360VOICES, began at the height of the election 

"Honoring individual voices"

"listening has an instrumental value in democracies -- and particularly in plural democracies. 

"Democratic communities depend on dialogue and the honoring of individual voices that may clash as people work together towards identifying common beliefs."  - Katharine Schultz, Listening: A Framework for Teaching Across Differences (2003)

Listening to people with different backgrounds...









there's a great need for substantive conversations to occur among the people


, the only common ground 


we met with disparate groups across Ohio to discuss their thoughts, hopes, and concerns for America. Captured in 360 (VR), these conversations take viewers inside t